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WPC Leadership Conference Media Accreditation

Important Notice: Members of the media who would like to attend the WPC Leadership Conference will have to complete the media accreditation process. Media accreditation for the WPC Leadership Conference will be strictly reserved for journalists working in print, radio, TV, film, news agencies and online media. Applicants must represent a bona fide media organisation and fully comply with the WPC Leadership Conference's media accreditation requirements.

Accreditation Process: Each media applicant will be required to complete and submit an online accreditation application. To register, please click here and fill in the Media Accreditation Form.

The organisers will review each request and confirm by email correspondence if the application for accreditation has been accepted or declined. Successful applicants will receive email instructions on how to then complete the online registration process.

To register, please click here and fill in the Media Accreditation Form

Please Note: Business cards will not be accepted as media credentials.

We may ask you to submit additional information to support your application.

Freelance Journalists: Freelance journalists must also provide clear evidence that they are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication and the application must be accompanied by a letter of assignment from the assigning editor.

Online Media: Online media must meet the following additional requirements:

The online publication must belong to a registered company, such as a media organisation, and have a specific, verifiable business address and telephone number. No website-only address will be accepted.

The online publication requesting accreditation for its journalists must have a substantial amount of original news content or commentary or analysis on the international energy industry

New websites requesting accreditation must provide the latest information on their site’s visitors, their audience or other relevant material. The journalist must have an established record of having written extensively on international energy issues Online publications which are communications outreach or advocacy publications for non-governmental or non-profit organizations do not qualify for media accreditation.

Media Badges:

A maximum of three (3) journalists from each qualified media organization will be granted free media accreditation for the WPC Leadership Conference. Media badges are non-transferrable and can be revoked at the sole discretion of the organisers.